Volocom is the main sponsor of Hackathon and of the event “Artificial Intelligence and Publishing” conducted by ANSA

Volocom was the first business that has introduced the Machine Learning into the Media Intelligence sector

Volocom is the main sponsor of the event when new technologies are radically transforming the scenario of the publishing sector - the event announced a moment of in-depth study on the theme of the relationship between artificial intelligence and journalism.

An opportunity to investigate and discuss how the growth of technologies based on artificial intelligence can transform, enrich and challenge journalists, publishers and the public.

The initiative will be divided into two distinct moments:

​1. The hackathon software development marathon on October 5th and 6th

A group of programmers, developers, experts and operators of the programming and the web, divided into groups / teams, will come together and work without pause for 2 days, with the aim of creating solutions on the themes raised; the best solutions will be evaluated by a jury of experts and awarded during the subsequent Conference on 22 October.

2. The Conference with experts and industry players on October 22 at 10 am

During the morning the experts and representatives of the journalistic world will discuss about issues related to AI; The "Directors' Round Table" will follow, with the Directors in charge of the main news media discussing the issues under discussion. At the end, the Hackathon award ceremony will take place.

​Valerio Bergamaschi, Founder and Administrator of Volocom stated:

"We have joined the call of ANSA with great enthusiasm. First in Italy, we believed in the use of Knowledge Management and Machine Learning technologies for publishing and Media Intelligence solutions. The first version of the VoloPress service, which still represents a highly innovative solution for real-time access to information, was launched in 2002. We are proud of this opportunity also for the consolidated partnership that binds us to ANSA”


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