Great success of the Volocom Apps

The VoloEasyReader app is added to the mobile offer of the VoloPress suite services

In Venice, during the Film Festival, in the spaces of the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, Volocom officially launched the VoloEasyReader App with which to read the digital version of all the newspapers - local, national and international - of which the subscription was subscribed. After 3 months from the launch, thousands of users are already using it and consider the user experience very positive.

Valerio Bergamaschi, Founder and CEO of Volocom said:

“Volocom applications and services have traditionally been designed to be used“ Everytime, Everywhere ”therefore 7/24 and also on the move.


The services can natively be accessed from any type of device thanks to WEB Responsive design technologies. In addition to these methods, we then flanked the Apps of the various services starting from the Press Review and from the concentrator of VoloPress Agencies to the VoloEasyReader digital newsstand, all already available on the Apple and Android stores.

We first introduced the new VoloEasyReader Digital Newsstand which has become the leading product in the field of B2B solutions aimed at companies and public bodies. We then integrated AlwaysOn with it a search system that allows you to query a database of news updated in real time from the press, the web, videos, free agencies and facebook and twitter.

The company is committed to guaranteeing ever more innovative and productive solutions for professionals and managers. The app for the VoloVideo video monitoring service is currently in development "


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