Innovating, communicating: publishing and the digital paper

Friday August 30, at 12am, in Sala Tropicana 1, Hotel Excelsior Venezia Lido

Rome, August 27 –

In a communicative context affected by profound changes of scenery on the side of the content offer and their use, the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo intends to re-launch the theme of technological innovation in the publishing world from a vanguard position. On the one hand by making available to its subscribers the archive of the Rivista del Cinematografo, the longest-running journal of Italian criticism (born in 1928); on the other, launching the new app of the RdC, a "gift" for all its readers who want to read the magazine also in a mobile version.

Two small revolutions, daughters of the ever-closer synergy between the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo and Volocom, a leading company in the design, implementation and technical assistance of software systems for knowledge management and information management for the multimedia press review.

In addition to being the official supplier of the daily press review on cinema, Volocom has guaranteed the Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo its technical know-how for the paper-to-digital transition of the magazine's archive and has created the app, providing a fundamental contribution to two of the most important mission values ​​for the Foundation: the preservation of memory and the dissemination of cinematographic knowledge.

The combined actions of FEdS and Volocom represent an interesting model of development for publishing on cinema, conceived with the ambition of reversing obsolete and ineffective communication paradigms in the face of the challenges posed by digitalisation.

The contents of this cooperation will be at the center of the meeting "Innovating, communicating: publishing and the digital paper", which will be held on the occasion of the upcoming Venice International Film Festival, Friday, August 30th, 12 noon, at the Excelsior Hotel (Sala Tropicana 1).

Speakers at the meeting: Davide Milani, President of the Ente dello Spettacolo Foundation and Valerio Bergamaschi, Chief Executive Officer of Volocom.

To all participants, Volocom will give the digital newsstand service free of charge for one week, which allows you to browse Italian and foreign newspapers and magazines from a single point of access. The Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo, promoted by the Italian Episcopal Conference, since 1946 deals with the dissemination, promotion and enhancement of film culture in Italy and abroad. He carries out traditional publishing activities - with the «Rivista del Cinematografo», the oldest Italian film criticism magazine since 1928; the series dedicated to cinema and audiovisuals Frames and Le Torri; the annual Reports on the market and the cinema industry in Italy - and electronics through the Cinematografo.it portal, considered a reference point for professionals, scholars and cinema enthusiasts and media partners of important national websites and press agencies.

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