Volocom – Leader in media monitoring

Volocom operates in the market of Media Intelligence and has now taken a leading role in the field of media monitoring and media intelligence solutions.Volocom was founded in 2001 by Valerio Bergamaschi, former manager of Digital Equipment Corporation, a major American company in the computer industry.

In relation to years 2013-2017, Volocom boasts an average internal growth rate (no companies have been incorporated) of 14%, an average GPM (gross profit margin) of 32% and an overall growth of 70%.
Three words ispired Volocom and led to growth: INNOVATION, RESPONSIBILITY, RESPECT.

Custom projects

Volocom has created a Centre of Excellence in Technology able to promptly develop high quality custom projects and vertical solutions. Thanks to a proprietary framework named VoloFrame,  Volocom  and its partners develop innovative web solutions from media intelligence, to CRM, to knowledge management.

Rassegna Stampa multimediale

Solutions for media monitoring
  • Press Review: Volocom solutions include a wide range of smart integrated products and services developed according to the latest generation technologies. Ideals for providing a 360-degree view of national and international media landscape.
    PLUS: newspaper browser, 24/7 media monitoring, about 4.000 web and press sources, multimediality, highly responsive client support,
  • Digital Newsstand: VoloEasyReader AlwaysON is the first and unique digital newsstand for B2B clients. EasyReader enables users to read all purchased newspapers from  a single access point. An integrated search system allows to query all Volocom media flow in real time: press, web, radio, TV, free agencies and social networks.
    PLUS: one access point for all newspapers, access management system, avoid cost of newspaper bundle disposal, newspaper subscription service, agreements with major publishers,
  • TV & Radio monitoring: Volovideo monitors TV and Radio channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to bring you the most comprehensive and extensive italian broadcast coverage. Volovideo platform includes features such as search, editing, clipping, alerting, automatic transcription, analytics and much more. The automatic transcription is produced by a proprietary Speech To Text software named VoloSpeech. The technology can be used in a number of different business fields such as CRM, conferences transcription, e-learning, etc.
    PLUS: 110 Radio/TV channels, automatic speech transcription with speed rate 1:0,25, fully integrated with mainstream media, works on any browser or mobile device.
  • Agencies & Social Network monitoring: VoloAgenzie & Social Networks is a real-time social media and press agencies monitoring service. The solution allows users to keep track of what is being said about your brand and to be up to date on the most important online trends and topics of interests.
    PLUS: 24/7 monitoring, immediate alert to email inbox, custom areas, search and bookmark features, media intelligence analysis, identification of key trends and topics.
Become a Partner

Volocom Partner Program puts the full power of  the company’s expertise behind the partner – business strategies, training, assistance and support –  with the aim of building  a win-win cooperation that can expand the associated companies’ business opportunities and profitability.
To align with our partners’ business goals and resources, our program offers multiple ways to collaborate and gain exposure:

  • TECHNOLOGY PARTNER to develop new joint innovative solutions

For any information please write to info@volocom.it or fill out the form