Volocom is an Italian IT company operating in the field of Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management. The company was founded in 2001 by Valerio Bergamaschi - former manager of international companies in the computer industry - and has now acquired a leading role in the field of media monitoring and media intelligence solutions.

Volocom has created a Centre of Excellence in Technology able to promptly develop high quality custom projects and vertical solutions. Thanks to a proprietary framework named VoloFrame, Volocom and its partners develop innovative web solutions from media intelligence, to CRM, to knowledge management.


In relation to years 2013-2017, Volocom boasts an average internal growth rate (no companies have been incorporated) of 14%, an average GPM (gross profit margin) of 32% and an overall growth of 70%.


Volocom Volocom team consists of two areas:

1.   Information Professionals Unit: ensures the delivery of the most comprehensive and accurate media monitoring service and offers prompt and dedicated client support.

2.   IT Unit: develops new high-tech automations and solutions and provides highly responsive technical support.

Volocom’ services make the user completely autonomous in the production and management of reviews thanks to:

  • Flexibility

    All the components of the application are highly configurable and can be customized in terms of sources, timing, topics, methods and devices. The structure of the review can be updated with a simple modification of the search and classification agents.

  • Usability

    All services are usable through a variety of channels. The review can be published and made available through a web and mobile device platform, sent by e-mail, integrated into the intranet, etc. The formats are customizable. The access interfaces to the services are designed based on the indications of a panel of customers.

  • Data Base Integrity

    The monitored titles are acquired, indexed and available through VoloPress.

  • Real Time information

    The monitoring service are equipped with configurable alert systems that allow you to immediately receive news of interest.

ARS license

Volocom has signed the ARS (Press Release Agencies) license with Repertoire Promopress - an agreement that defines the terms and conditions for licenses to use editorial content.

The License authorizes to create and supply Press Reviews in favor of its customers.

ISO 9001: 2015 certification:

Volocom Company is ISO 9001:2015 certified for "Design, Implementation and Technical Assistance of Software Systems for Knowledge Management and Information Management for the Multimedia Press Review.”


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