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Volocom provides media monitoring softwares to freelance and press offices who need to create the press review by theirselves.

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The Suite of products for Press Review and Media Monitoring

Press Review and Media Monitoring

A lot of customers have already experienced the increased productivity and quality brought by Volocom solutions with absolute competitive prices.

The media monitoring service is based on over 4,000 sources and 80,000 new documents per day. A distinctive feature of Volocom services is the possibility to monitor all sources or any combination of sources that includes web, press, radio/TV, twitter and facebook.

The media monitoring softwares are:

  • MediaCoverage: a powerful system that allows the operator to implement the taxonomy of the press review through the use of search agents;

  • Workbench: a multi task dashboard that allows several editors to work simoultaneusly for the creation of press reviews; 

  • VoloPress Editor: a tool that allows the operator to edit and publish the press reviews; 

  • VoloPress : a unique online service that enables users to research and work on the latest news. 

  • MyVoloPress: archives all the published press reviews;

  • VoloAgenzie: is a real-time press agencies monitoring service; 

  • VoloVideo: Thanks to a unique detection technology of TV/Radio channel flows, VoloVideo is the perfect tool for Radio/TV monitoring;

  • VoloSpeech: is an extreamely user-friendly transcription service that enables users to upload audio and video files, transcribe, edit and export them;

  • Newswatcher: enables users to verify the distribution of a press release on the web.



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