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Monitoraggio agenzie stampa

VoloPress Agencies is a real-time press agencies monitoring service

We help you getting the best news agencies monitoring

VoloPress Agencies allows users to keep track of what is being said about your brand and to be up to date on the most important online trends and topics of interests.

The service is based on innovative technologies that allow the real-time acquisition, indexing and consultation of agency launches. Through the portal it is possible to use, from a single secure access point, from any browser and device, both the flows of agencies for which the customer has payed a subscription, and the  freeones.


VoloPress Agencies can be configured in different ways:

  1. Cloud / full outsourcing mode: the service is made available to end users through the Volocom IT system;

  2. Web service mode / application service provider (ASP) / database server: Volocom provides the software that will be installed on the customers' servers .

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Agency and Social Media monitoring has many features as:

  • A dashboard to monitor all the breaking news in real time

  • Information retrieval to optimize the researches;

  • Personal folder and bookmarks;

  • Media and business intelligence analysis on the main trends.

Real Time News

monitoraggio agenzie di stampa

24/7 Media monitoring

monitoraggio agenzie di stampa

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