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Il centro studi

VoloComm is the dedicated branch of Volocom that specializes in communication, brand reputation, and media monitoring.

With the experience accumulated in recent years, VoloComm has evolved into a full-fledged Study Center, capable of providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of the trends that define the media communication surrounding a particular subject, issue, or phenomenon.

The team, comprised of journalists and analysts, is on a mission to extract high-value information from the vast daily media landscape, including print and web publications, radio, television, and social networks. Clients receive tailored, practical solutions that leverage and refine data generated by Volocom's innovative technologies. VoloComm conducts in-depth media analyses for companies, institutions, organizations, and private entities by combining the computational power of artificial intelligence with the interpretive and editorial skills of a team of professionals, all in the pursuit of shedding light on brand reputation and communication effectiveness.

VoloComm offers the following services:


  • Reputation analysis: by leveraging the most advanced News Intelligence and social listening technologies and combining quantitative and qualitative media analysis, Volocom offers a complete picture related to the client's brand reputation 

  • Press Release monitoring: a monitoring service designed to record the number of articles published after a press release or the release of news agency content. The provided report includes an analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) such as Ave and Readership.

  • Thematic observatories: an innovative and customizable portal to stay up-to-date and receive relevant information on major issues, business areas and corporate sectors by leveraging the entire schedule of national and international sources monitored by Volocom.

  • Predictive analysis: through innovative technology designed to direct and improve business decisions, Volocom predictive analysys uses artificial intelligence to identify future trends on a topic of interest.

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