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The Volocom-ANSA partnership

Volocom has entered into an exclusive commercial and technological partnership with ANSA - Italy's premier news agency - with the goal of integrating and expanding their respective offerings within the news market. 


This partnership leverages the high-quality and dependable information provided by ANSA, combined with Volocom's technological expertise, to provide the market with a suite of value-added services for comprehensive monitoring of the entire Italian information landscape. 


In addition to its information services, ANSA will be able to offer press review and media monitoring solutions to its customers and subscribers. Besides, Volocom will enhance and enrich its solutions by incorporating the Agency's news content.


This integration spans a wide range of products, including traditional press reviews, more advanced monitoring services, jointly developed portals, and thematic observatories. As a result, all solutions will benefit from news monitoring that encompasses not only standard media (print, web, radio, TV, social) but also, upon request, news agency content.

Partnership Volocom ANSA
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