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News agencies monitoring

Monitoraggio agenzie stampa

VoloAgenzie is the Volocom's brand new aggregator designed for real-time monitoring of news agencies

VoloAgenzie is the new Volocom tool dedicated to monitoring press agency news. With VoloAgenzie, you can access and view in real-time all news from various press agencies that the client has subscribed to, all from a single access point.

Thanks to a customizable dashboard, users can see all agency takes on a single page and take advantage of advanced search features that allow you to select news based on keywords, categories, sources, and numerous other criteria.

Furthermore, VoloAgenzie:

  • Manages multimedia releases, including photos, videos, and podcasts.

  • Unify the takes of the same news, making it easier to read and providing information on their origin and development.

  • Allows users to save their preferred takes in folders with the option to export them.

  • Includes a button for translating takes into English.

  • Enables the creation of filters, agents, and alerts to receive notifications about the most relevant news.

  • Provides analysis tools and an extensive set of graphs for visualizing trends and statistics related to the consulted news.

  • Can have an extended database including press, web, radio, TV, and social sources to provide a comprehensive view of the national and international news landscape.

  • Comes with a mobile app featuring a simple and intuitive interface for mobile access.

Furthermore, VoloAgenzie is capable of managing certified streams through various technologies (e.g., blockchain, which ensures the authenticity and traceability of sources).

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