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The Innovation Department serves as a vital asset to the company, specializing in the R&D of advanced algorithms for analysing all unstructured data processed by the company. Thanks to its high level of expertise, this team effectively handles a substantial volume of information, playing a pivotal role in Volocom's success within the Media Intelligence market.

Data Journalism, Trend analysis and social network monitoring

The solutions crafted by the Innovation Department are tailored to harness every conceivable form that news can take in the digital era, encompassing diverse formats like images, audio, video, and text. Leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms, the Innovation Department delivers bespoke and groundbreaking solutions in Data Journalism. Furthermore, they develop and provide services in trend analysis, social network monitoring, news ranking, infosphere analysis, and fake news detection.

Object detection, face & logo recognition

The Innovation Department is dedicated to advancing object detection, face and logo recognition technologies for image and video analysis. They also excel in speaker recognition and text-to-speech capabilities for audio analysis.

Text analytics

In the realm of text analytics, the Innovation Department harnesses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Generation (NLG) technologies to extract topics, analyze news sentiment and emotion, identify named entities, and perform POS tagging in all languages. Concurrently, they develop rewriting and summarization programs and create next-generation chatbots for Question and Answering (QnA).

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