Thanks to a unique detection technology of TV/Radio channel flows, VoloVideo is the perfect tool for Radio/TV monitoring.

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VoloEasyReader is the digital newsstand that allows to leaf through all your favourite newspapers from one single access point. Also available  the mobile application!

Green Idea! EasyReader helps to save the planet: in addition to high usability and respect for copyrights, VoloEasyReader stands as an eco-sustainable solution thanks to the goal of dematerializing paper and replacing the old paper bundle.

VoloEasyReader also includes:

  • The possibility to manage your subscriptions and accounts;

  • AlwaysOn  (AON) tool that shows real time news and allows to research through key words across a multimedia database (web, press, social, TV and radio).

The advantages:

  • Real-time information;

  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;

  • 7x24 media monitoring;

  • Possibility of use by all devices (PC, Tablet and Smartphone);

  • Centralization of subscriptions and compliance with current regulations;

  • Complete management by Volocom of the subscription purchase cycle with constant monitoring of their deadlines and renewal needs.


Some of our customers are:

Aeronautica, Ansa, Autogrill, Bper Banca, Camera dei Deputati, Condé Nast, Fox, GEDI, Il Fatto Quotidiano, MAE, Mediaset, Mediolanum, Ministero degli Interni, Monrif, Presidenza della Repubblica, RCS, Senato della Repubblica, Sky, TV2000, etc.

VoloEasyReader Mobile Application

Registered Customers can download the new application that enables users read newspapers from mobile and offline.  The App is available on Android and Apple stores

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Constant Monitoring

24/7 Media monitoring 

All devices

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