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B2B Digital Newsstand VoloEasyReader

The most widely used B2B Digital Newsstand. It allows you to read, from a single access point, your favorite newspapers


VoloEasyReader ANSA Edition is the exclusive Digital Newsstand that seamlessly integrates print and real-time information by incorporating special content from the ANSA news agency.

VoloEasyReader ANSA Edition stands out as the most popular B2B Digital Newsstand, offering users the convenience of accessing subscribed newspapers and magazines from a single, unified platform, eliminating the need for multiple logins on publisher websites.

VoloEasyReader is the most popular unified B2B newspaper reading tool in Italy: in the past 12 months alone, over 4 million newspaper copies were sold, and more than 64 million pages were browsed by over 13,000 users.


In addition, with the AlwaysOn search engine, the user can search for news by querying a multimedia database of sources, spanning from newspapers to the web, and from radio to television and social media. VoloEasyReader is a unified platform where you can read, share, archive, and search for news while staying updated on developments in the world of information.

Furthermore, through a commercial partnership with the ANSA Agency, the Newsstand has been enhanced with several new features that enable the reading of the Agency's news stream.

Apart from its user-friendly interface and full compliance with copyright regulations, the VoloEasyReader Digital Newsstand also serves as an eco-conscious solution, aiming to reduce paper usage and replace traditional paper bundles.

The Volocom Digital Newsstand offers numerous advantages:

  • A single application for avarious newspaper and magazines;

  • Volocom handles newspaper subscriptions comprehensively, including constant monitoring of their expiration dates and renewal requirements;

  • Real-time updates with ANSA news;

  • High-quality User Experience (UX) featuring features like leaf-through format, zooming, bookmarking, translation, summarization, and more;

  • Adherence to current copyright regulations;

  • User freedom across all devices (PC, tablet, and smartphone);

  • Reduced environmental impact through digital copies.

Notizie in real time

Real Time News

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24/7 Media monitoring 


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