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Radio and TV monitoring

Thanks to a unique detection technology of TV/Radio channel contents, VoloVideo is the perfect tool for audiovideo monitoring.

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The ultimate suite fot Radio and TV Monitoring

With over 170 radio and TV channels continually expanding in our coverage and cutting-edge technology tools at our disposal, Volocom presents a comprehensive suite of services for radio and TV monitoring, tailored to deliver your desired radio and TV segments in your preferred format.

The VoloVideo Suiteoffers a wide range of audio and video monitoring services, including:

  • audio-video review;

  • audio-video alert;

  • a versatile web application that allows you to search for segments of interest, crop clips, set up alerts, and conduct comparative and quantitative analysis.

  • Integration of audio-video clips into print and web press review


Some key strengths of our radio and TV monitoring service include:

  • 24/7 acquisition of programs from over 170 international, national and local radio and TV channels

  • transcript accuracy higher than 95%

  • transcript available within minutes of airing

  • accessibility across all browsers and devices (desktop, tablet, smartphone)

Lastly, through our strategic partnerships with broadcasters and industry partners, Volocom has significantly expanded its radio and TV network coverage nationwide.

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