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Volocom and Copyright


Fairness and transparency rank among Volocom's fundamental principles. From its inception in 2001, the company has placed significant emphasis on copyright protection. Volocom has acquired the license to operate within the media intelligence market through Promopress, an organization comprising numerous publishers responsible for managing the reproduction rights of newspaper and periodical content.

As certain publishers have formally disassociated themselves from Promopress, Volocom has entered into individual agreements with them. Notable publishers who have departed from the Promopress consortium include Rcs MediaGroup, Il Gruppo24Ore, C.Ed., Società Editoriale Il Fatto SPA, La Verità, Il Centro S.p.A., Cairo Editore, Mondadori Group, Athesia Group, and L'Osservatore Romano.

Furthermore, Volocom holds membership in FederRassegne, the premier independent, nonprofit Italian association representing companies involved in producing press reviews and other media monitoring services.

Regarding the digital newsstand VoloEasyReader, tailored agreements have been established with over 70 publishers.

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