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Media Monitoring: news from all over the world

Monitoraggio dei Media

Volocom solutions encompass a broad array of smart , integrated product and services designed using state-of-the-art technologies.

Perfect for those seeking comprehensive media monitoring accross print, web, social media, Radio, Tv and news agencies.

Media monitoring: the news you need a click away

With more than 200,000 sources monitored and 4 million new documents managed every day, VoloPress stands as the ultimate tool for those who want to conduct autonomously the media monitoring. It boasts an advanced search engine that empowers users to conduct tailored keyword searches and access real-time information from any source.


VoloPress offers a plethora of functions, including:

  • Keyword-based article search;

  • Saving preferred results to folders;

  • Downloading articles or audio-video segments in various formats;

  • Clipping audio-video content;

  • Configuring automatic alerts for web, social, audio, and video content;

  • Configuring automatic alerts for web, social, audio, and video content;

  • Sharing folders with other users.


The perfect solution for self-reliant media monitoring 


Volocom's cutting-edge research tools cater to press review agencies, press offices, media agencies, and anyone interested in conducting in-house media monitoring. Thanks to the platform's flexibility, monitoring can be customized based on keywords, sources, topics, schedules, and consultation modes.


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Monitoraggio dei Media

24/7 Media monitoring


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