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Il team

The team is led by Lucrezia Maggio, Delivery and Consulting Director, and leverages the extensive experience of Editorial Director Andrea Franchini, who, within Volo.Comm, is responsible for training and coordinating the media analysis team. This team consists of several young and talented individuals, and Andrea brings his expertise from both an editorial and communication perspective. He guides the team in identifying and studying the most relevant information within the infosphere.

The team is capable of conducting comprehensive studies on a wide range of topics, themes, subjects, business activities, and communication initiatives. Their analyses are based on approximately 200 thousand news sources across print and web (both national and international), millions of social content, and 160 radio and TV channels.

The team employs proprietary technologies that enable them to perform quantitative and qualitative analyses. Each final product is presented as an analytical and consulting tool, aimed at assisting clients in meeting their information needs with the goal of informing their business decisions. These tools provide a critical examination and reading of the topics of interest.

The primary strength that sets Volo.comm's studies and products apart from competitors is the breadth of their analysis. For instance, recent editorial products include an extensive study on "Church and Child Abuse" in the Italian media, which delved into the abuse perpetrated by the Church against minors and vulnerable individuals.

These studies are complemented by customized analyses of brands, subjects, communication campaigns, and business activities. The team has the capability to gather, process, and highlight all key information pertaining to a given topic, aligning it with the client's objectives, and consistently offering a comprehensive overview on both the national and international fronts.

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