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Social Media Monitoring: Find out about your brand reputation

Volocom monitors the main social networks (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Twitter, etc) and offers extremely widespread coverage of sources, especially in Italy. Social media monitoring tools transform social and web data into actionable insights, to help companies and agencies make decisions and implement effective and performing data-driven strategies.


Volocom specifically offers two solutions, available within the VoloPress platform:




VoloPress Live Insights: a search engine that includes about 2.5 billion social content (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, etc) and allows to:

  • SEARCH for what you want by keyword: topic, brand, people, for each industry of your interest

  • SUPPORT your creative ideas with quantitative data, exploiting the most relevant KPIs and immediately integrating them into your reports

  • DISCOVER THE MOOD of conversations on social media and on the web relating to topics, people, brands

  • IDENTIFY the most discussed topics, engaging topics and the most relevant sources to design your content strategy

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Real Time News

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24/7 Media monitoring


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